Current Participants:

Updated 5/26/17 @ 2:00 p.m.


  Open Division   Open Division   Legends Division
1 Justin Bellinger 28 Garrett Geisenhaver 1 Gary Mulcahy
2 Wesley Ferchau 29 Brandon Brown 2 Thomas Greenia
3 Parry Hughes 30 James Barber 3 Herb Spence
4 Brian Watz 31 Bruce Eccleton 4 Steve Lutenski
5 Nick Ludka 32 Jeremy Cantu 5 Steve Yockey
6 Eric Jimenez 33 Patrick Conlee 6 Ron Wetherbee
7 Zach Turner 34 Justin Dankert 7 Bill Skvarla
8 Dan Hughes 35 Ronald Cole 8 Gary Trumble
9 Jeff Waslusky 36 Jonathan Lelo 9 Marvin Jenkins
10 Brandon Kuhn 37 Matthew Dijak 10 Pat Doolan
11 Hunter Koch 38   11 Tim Royle
12 Ed Meyer 39   12 Rick Johnson
13 Dustin Pumford 40   13 John Kowalewski
14 Andy Bethune 41   14 Tom Kerby
15 Todd Essex 42   15 Daniel Cannon
16 Terry Franz 43   16 Bill Stertz
17 Adam Jacobs 44   17 Mike Godard
18 Adam Haswell 45   18 Dave Fass
19 Cam Sich 46   19 Kevin McDonnell
20 Matt Pumford 47   20 Bill Crofton
21 Brandon Schneider 48   21 Gary Bellinger
22 Chad Workman 49   22  
23 Eric Dehne 50   23  
24 Nathan O'Neil 51   24  
25 Steve Ellis 52   25  
26 Bob Anderson 53   26  
27 Jeff Adler 54   27  
A1   A2   A1  
A3   A4   A2  



Exemption Lists:

(Please refer to the Rules and Procedures for Exemption Criteria)

The following players have met the Exemption Eligibility Criteria for the Open and Legends Division for the 2017 tournament, based on past play. 

If they meet all other eligibility requirements, including residency and amateur status, they are eligible for Exempt Registration:


     OPEN DIVISION                      LEGENDS DIVISION   
1 Bruce Eccleton   1 Gary Trumble
2 Alan Pumford   2 Roger Alverson
3 Adam Jacobs   3 Bill Coulter
4 Dan Hughes   4 Patrick Doolan
5 Adam Haswell   5 Mike Humphrey
6 Todd Essex   6 Steve Lutenski
7 Zach Turner   7 Mark Sikorski
8 Nicholas Ludka   8 Herb Spence III
9 Matt Pumford   9 Steve Yockey
10 David Buko II   10 Chris Chaffer
11 Dustin Pumford   11 Terry Franz
12 Brandon Kuhn   12 Thomas Greenia
13 Brody Schiller   13 Marvin Jenkins
14 Terry Franz   14 Mike Kushion
15 Wesley Ferchau   15 Jim Leach
16 Cameron Sich   16 Paul Martin
17 Jeffrey Spaedt   17 Dave McDonald
18 Daniel Stoney   18 Gary Mulcahy
19 Trace Hendrick   19 Bill Skvarla
20 Andy Bethune   20 Ron Wetherbee
21 Mitch Sikorski   21 Andy Bethune
22 Albert Vargas III   22 Dan Hughes
23 Nathan Morris   23 Alan Pumford
24 Hunter Koch   24 Mike Stelter
25 Justin Bellinger   25 Ron Stelter
26 Eric Jiminez      
27 Brad Phillion      
28 Uday Sarvepalli      
29 Edward Meyer      
30 Mark James      
31 Ryan Gnatkowski      
32 Brian Watz      
33 Parry Hughes      
34 Cory Williamson      
35 Jeffrey Waslusky      
36 Mike Stelter      
37 Steve Yockey      
38 Mike Humphrey      
39 Paul Martin      
40 Ron Stelter      



About the 2017 SDGA Tournament:

The 2017 Tournament will be held at The Saginaw Country Club June 23-25.

The Tournament will consist of two Divisions, the Open Division and the Legends Division.  Players 50 years of age or older must elect to play in the Open Division or the Legends Division, but not both.  Both the Open and Legends Division Tournaments will be 3 day, 3 round events, played concurrently, with each field being cut for the final day of competition.

NOTE: All participants are responsible for knowing and complying with the Rules and Procedures governing the Tournament. 


Tournament Entry/Registration:

THERE IS NO LONGER A QUALIFYING TOURNAMENT FOR ENTRY.  Players will be registered for the tournament in the order that registration and payment is received. Registration will close either on the date specified or when each field is full (whichever comes first).  Players who meet exemption criteria will have an opportunity to register before general registration. 

Players can register online at or by mail/drop-off to R.C. Hendrick (2885 S. Graham, Saginaw, MI 48609).  Mailed registrations will be time-stamped when they are opened during regular business hours (8am-4pm Mon-Fri). 

If a player fails to return a score that is within 20 strokes of the cut for their division, future entries in SDGA competitions may be declined.


Exempt Registration:

There will be an early registration window for past participants who meet the exemption criteria described below.  Exempt players may also continue to register during general registration as well but registration will close once the field is full.  Entry fee is $125 and must accompany registration.  If you wish to use a riding cart for Friday and Saturday, you must comply with our Cart Policy and pre-pay for your carts with your registration.

For 2017, Exempt Registration opens at 8 am, Monday, May 8, and closes at 4 pm, Monday, May 22.

NOTE: Exempt registrations will not be accepted before 8 am, May 8.


General Registration:

All players may register during general registration.  Entries will be accepted until the specified date or when each field is full (whichever comes first).  We will also accept Alternates for each division.  Alternates will be notified if they have a spot in the tournament no later than the Thursday before the tournament begins.  Entry fee is $125 and must accompany registration.  If you wish to use a riding cart for Friday and Saturday, you must comply with our Cart Policy and pre-pay for your carts with your registration.

For 2017, General Registration opens at 8 am, Tuesday, May 23, and closes at 4 pm, Monday, June 12.

NOTE: General registrations will not be accepted before 8 am, May 23.


Refunds will be given if a participant notifies the Committee by email ( no later than 8:00 a.m. on the Thursday before the Tournament begins.  Any other refunds are at the discretion of the SDGA Board of Directors.